The Atacama Desert – Chile Travel Vacation Package

This Travel Package to the Atacama Desert in Chile will fascinate you with a spectacular landscape of mountains and salt flats, volcanoes and geysers, a singular wildlife and encounters with its ancient culture.

Discover the ancient culture of Atacama and its singular wildlife with this Travel Package to the Atacama Desert, and experience the distinct natural scenarios of this vast territory rich in traditions, forms and colors.

Stay at the Hotel de Larache by Explora Atacama, at a short walk from the village of San Pedro de Atacama. Located on the plain Ayllu de Larache, this Luxury Hotel has been designed to reflect sophistication in simple details, favoring balance and originality in both the lodge facilities and its cuisine, allowing guests to be in touch with the unique surroundings.  In the surroundings of the Hotel de Larache, ancient pathways and buildings once inhabited by an Atacameño community have been restored and invite exploration.

With your travel package to the Atacama Desert, choose from over 50 tour options offered to explore the Atacama region, including walks, hikes, horseback rides and cycling trips. Challenge yourself on mountain climbs or experience the serenity of the desert nights during a stargazing session and learn about constellations of stars, planets and galaxies at the observatory with a powerful telescope equipped with advanced optics. Enjoy the thermal springs of Puritama, at the foot of a large ravine 3,500 meters above sea level. The water temperature is 32ºC (89.6ºF) and contact with it is a revitalizing experience for both body and spirit.