Galapagos Cruise – Travel Vacation Package

On this Cruise to the Galapagos Islands you will experience unforgettable encounters with giant tortoises and other fascinating creatures in a place where animals live without fear of humans.

Explore the enchanted islands of Galápagos with this Travel Package, and be fascinated by this region’s unusual and remarkable wildlife. Swim and snorkel with playful sea lions, walk among seemingly ancient giant tortoises and watch as blue-footed boobies perform courtship dances. Special permits for this Galapagos Cruise allow you to head out in kayaks to explore further and a team of seasoned Naturalists will provide the richest possible understanding of the abundant wildlife with the help of underwater video, a Splash-Cam and video microscopes. National Geographic certified Photo Instructors accompany the cruise on board the National Geographic Islander or National Geographic Endeavour and will assist you to take the best pictures of your Travel Package to Galapagos.