The Intelligent Leisure Solutions Group was created by a group of friends and colleagues in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil in 1999. Since then it has spun off several companies, including Intelligent Travel Solutions (ITS) with its many websites – one being Discover.Travel.

The Group is currently led by Robert Phillips.


Robert Phillips, the founder of Intelligent Leisure Solutions and Discover.Travel Group is a US citizen born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He spent most of his non-adult life living throughout South America – Brazil (Amazon, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro), Bolivia and Colombia. The opportunity to discover new places and cultures early in life has caused a passion for travel which Robert has enjoyed sharing with friends during numerous trips.

After receiving his BS and MS at Auburn University in Alabama, Robert worked as an electrical engineer in things as far-fetched as space power and oil exploration in Kuwait. He then ventured to the business side working for Bayer Pharmaceuticals after receiving his MBA from Thunderbird – School of Global Management in Arizona, and then to Salvador, Brazil where he has developed tourism and entertainment projects for Odebrecht.

At the time, Robert had enjoyed putting together vacation packages for his group of friends for many years. The most recent ones have taken them to rafting the Grand Canyon, exploring Alaska, and discovering Peru and its mystic Machu Picchu.

Robert’s entrepreneurial spirit has led him to developing Intelligent Travel Solutions (ITS) and Discover.Travel with the intent of doing what he loves and sharing some of the unforgettable Travel experiences he has been fortunate to have had.


Our Team

Our Expert Team of Travel Agents is composed of seasoned Travelers, who combined have personally explored all five continents and are passionate about helping you make your Dream Vacation come true.

Our team members are North Americans, Europeans and Central and South Americans, fluent in English and at least one more language, who have travelled extensively to numerous countries around the world, gaining unique insights and insider’s knowledge of the Destinations they now recommend to our clients. Being passionate Travelers themselves, they combine an intuitive understanding of your travel wishes and needs with the expertise and experience it takes to make your Dream Vacation come true.