Discover.Travel is one of the travel web sites of Intelligent Travel Solutions (ITS). Intelligent Travel Solutions (ITS) is an innovative Online Travel Company that offers differentiated travel services to Travelers wanting unique experiences.

Intelligent Travel Solutions (ITS) is part of the Intelligent Leisure Solutions Group (ILS3). The first company of the Group, Intelligent Leisure Solutions Consulting (ILSC), was founded in Brazil in 1999. It was then followed by Intelligent Travel Solutions (ITS) in 2003 and Intelligent Web Solutions (IWS) in 2007. IWS was a spin off based on the experience, knowledge and results achieved in SEO and Internet Marketing from Intelligent Travel Solutions (ITS).

The last group to join the ILS3 group was Intelligent Real Estate Solutions (IRES) in 2010, a spin off from ILSC. Intelligent Real Estate Solutions (IRES) is a Real Estate company in Brazil that focuses on both commercial and residential real estate services in Brazil for foreign investors , expatriates, and local Brazilians.

Today ITS offers a portfolio of Travel services and destinations that differentiates it from the market standards. With expertise in Travel Management, world class personalized Service and careful Selection of Destinations and Travel Products, ITS achieves Excellence in Travel and has been elected South and Central America’s Leading Travel Agency as well as nominated for World’s Leading Travel Agency by the World Travel Awards.

Intelligent Travel Solutions’ team is made up of North Americans, Europeans and Central and South Americans, fluent in English and at least one more language, who have travelled extensively and have an in-depth understanding of your travel wishes and needs with the expertise and experience it takes to make your Dream Vacation come true.

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